Press Fabrications

Flatten, punch, pierce, form, bend, crush and tweak are the many descriptive operations you will see running thru our press department.     Our (24) presses range in tonnage from 2 ton to 600 ton presses and we select just the right machine to balance cost, quality and efficiency with each unique part that we are processing.   We are able to process up to 1.0” diameter solid stock thru our press department! 

G3 makes nearly 100% of the tooling for these press operations in house.    We control our design, process and lead time to ensure the tooling produces the part to your specification each and every time.

We stand ready to support your short run stampings from strip or coil in material thicknesses of .060 to .250”.   


ProcessCapability Range

.060" to .250" thick material - Coil or Strip

Tool RoomIn House tool room where we make 95% of tooling in-house
Press Forming.072" to 1.00" diameter wire

Resource List

  • (24) Presses 2 ton up to 600 ton
  • (1) Air Press