Weld Assemblies

Welded assemblies are the heart and soul of the cost saving, value proposition that G3 can offer to you as a valued partner!     The more variety in subcomponents that you have in your welded assemblies the more you will find that G3 Industries can save you money and add value to your product offering.     

With all of our in-house capabilities to produce wire forms, fabricated tube, press fabrications, 2-D laser, 3-D laser, press break, precision machined, precision turned components, we can ultimately turn any or all of these individual components into welded assemblies.     We have 100% control over the cost, process lead time and quality.   We do not have to purchase any of these subcomponents from a subcontractor and pay their markup.

Nearly 100% of all of the welded assemblies we produce are robotically welded for fast, extremely, accurate, predictable, and high qualiting welding for each part and every order.


ProcessCapability Range
Robotic Welding6 axis robotic welders, 5' autoindexing table
Resistance Welding,062" to .500" diameter welder
MIG WeldingAll Sizes

Resource List

Robotic Welders
  • (6) Panasonic Robotic Welders
  • (1) Miller Welder with Fanuc robot
  • (1) wire feed welder
MIG Welder
  • (5) MIG welders
JIG Welder
  • (1) IDEAL CNC robotic JIG welder
Resistance Welders
  • (8) Resistance Welders 50 KVA to 250 KVA
Butt Welders
  • (2) Peer 10 KVA Butt Welders
Spot Welder
  • (1) Rocker Welder 30 KVA