Benefits of working with G3 Industries

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Ten Suppliers in One
G3 Industries manufactures welded assemblies, wire forms, tube fabrications, 2D laser/press brake, 3D laser, precision machined, precision turned, fan guards, short run stampings, and value added assemblies.
G3 truly a one-stop-shop. You can add sources without adding suppliers AND you can reduce the number of suppliers that you currently have to work with. Fewer suppliers means less time spent managing parts, and more time focused on adding value for your company.
ISO Certified
G3 Industries is  ISO 9001:2015 certified. Certificate No: CERT-0122698
ISO certification demonstrates that consistent business processes are in place, reducing opportunities for quality and serve failures.
In-House Tooling
95% of the tooling required for projects is manufactured at G3. G3's substantial and well-managed tool inventory can reduce or eliminate tooling expense for most parts.
In-house tooling means shorter lead times on new part production and decreased cost be eliminating a 3rd party mark-up. It also allows us to share universal tooling between similar projects, and improve quality due to internal controls.Contact Us
G3 Support
Single Point of Contact supported by a customer team:
Buyers who work with G3 have a single point of contact for all business transactions. From initial RFQ to product shipment, the G3 CSR is your single point of contact.  Each customer is supported by a specific product/customer engineer, quality and outside sales.
No matter where a part is in the production process, you have a single contact for all of your needs here at G3. Our CSRs are passionate, committed, hands-on partners, who all have experience on the production floor. They work with all departments to ensure high quality and on-time production.
Low Cost Producer
G3 is taking specific strategic steps to become the low cost producer that will position you to be competitive in a global marketplace. G3 is a progressive suppliers who invests in new equipment, acquires new businesses, builds new facilities, and seeks joint-ventures that adds value and at reduce costs.
G3 is positions to provide you with domestic quality and service at world prices. As stated by a leading OEM in the outdoor power equipment business, "G3 industries is the kind of progressive supplier we must align ourselves with in order to continue to stay on top in a fiercely competitive world market."
Proven Supplier
For over 30 years G3 companies have grown with leading OEMs like Toro, Ariens, John Deere, Harley-Davidson, CNH, Kubota, Honda Power Equipment, Briggs & Stratton, General Dynamics, Ferris, Husqvarna, Yanmar, Kawasaki, and many more.
Talk is cheap. The most compelling statement about our ability to deliver quality parts, on-time, at a competitive price, is our list of satisfied customers. You can give G3 one new part a month or 60 parts in 6 weeks and have confidence that we will deliver quality parts on-time.
Great People
If you have had the opportunity to work with G3 in the past, you have experienced the passion and commitment that epitomizes the kind of people who make up G3. Our customers trust us because we know how to make things happen. .
You get a partner who cares as much as you do about getting quality parts to the line on-time. When you hire G3 you are hiring a team of over 150 skilled, passionate, and committed people with the shared value that we must do whatever it takes to meet our customer needs.G3 Contacts
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Financially Stable
Growth from a 2.5 million dollar company to over 25 million dollars in annual revenue today has been achieved because we take care of our customers. We do this by not only delivering quality parts on-time, but by prudently investing in equipment, buildings, and new companies that truly add value. We make sound financial decision.When we spend money there is a specific strategic plan that supports the investment decision, and assures a value ad for our customers and thus a sufficient return.
We have had the opportunity to take on volumes of new parts, fur to financial failures of our competitors. G3 industries is a well managed, and financially sound company that continues to take prudent risk that reduces costs for our customers and thus grows our business. Rest assured when you hire G3 you are working with a company that will be around for a long time.
Flexibility to meet Customer Needs
G3 has the necessary equipment and correct attitude to meet customers' requirements. Special situations that call for short runs and emergencies that call for overnight or over-the-weekend deliveries are serviced routinely. G3 patented quick change out fixtures for tooling, and permanently dedicated tooling on slide-in precision dovetail plates provides us with the ability to change tooling in about 20 minutes.
You can rely on G3 to respond to your most pressing needs, and to help you when lead times are limited.