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Mazak Optiplex 3015

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G3 Industries is extremely competitive in the 2D Laser / Press Brake product offerings with our Mazak Optiplex 3015 2D Laser.

Optiplex 3015 adds to our capabilities:

Lights out the fastest 4000 watt laser in the world especially when cutting 1.00” material.    

Description: http://optiplex.mazakoptonics.com/optiCircle.pngThis is a smart laser that automatically determines processing conditions!   The required lens, nozzle and laser output are automatically determined by the CNC for different materials and thicknesses.

This smart laser, Optiplex 3015, ensures high quality parts each time and every time with:

  • Bad Cut Detection
  • Automatic Lens Changing
  • Automatic Nozzle Changing

Intelligent functions of this smart laser reduce setup time by 88% over a general laser processing machine with minimal setup for Nozzle Changes, Focal Point Adjustments and Profiling.    The machine does each of these adjustments.

G3 has installed a line controller on our load/unload system that allows us to run lights out even when switching material thicknesses.  The laser will automatically know what lens and nozzle to get from the programming and code, to be able to switch from one material thickness to another with little to no interaction from the operator.

Preventative functions avoid unexpected machine down time, minimize time consuming setup changes and extended automatic operation time.  The bottom line is higher productivity and lower costs.

To watch the Mazak Optiplex 3015 2D Laser in action just follow this link:




ProcessCapability Range
 2D Laser MaterialsMild Steel up to 1.00”
 Stainless Steel up to ½”
 Aluminum up to 3/8”
 Axis Stroke X axis = 3100mm, Yaxis = 1580mm, Z axis = 100mm
Rapid TraverseX&Y axis = 120 m/min, Z axis = 60 m/min
Positioning AccuracyX&Y axis = +/- 0.05/500mm (+/- 0.002"/19.69")
 Z axis = +/- 0.001/100mm (+/- 0.0004"/3.94")

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