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Mazak SpaceGear 510MkII

3D Laser Fabrication Center

Description: http://www.modernmachinerycompany.com/images/blog-images/mazak-spacegear-accurate.jpg3D Laser?   Does G3 Industries have a 3D Laser?     

Yes we do!    If you have a preformed shape that needs critical or not so critical features fabricated into an existing shape (Tube, Pipes, Structural Shapes) then G3’s 3D Laser team will be able to help you.    Or if you have critical features that need to be fabricated after forming or after welding, then 3D Laser Fabrication may give you the best solution.   

The SpaceGear 510MkII has a compact cutting head that rotates 360 degrees in the A-axis and 135 degrees in the B-axis to maintain a normal cutting angle to preformed sculptured surfaces.   The X-axis has a working stroke of 16.5” off the table.   

Description: http://www.johnhartlasers.com.au/images/lasers/spacecam.jpgTube, pipe and structural shapes can all be process by using the CNC rotary chuck and supports for long work pieces.   With a max thru chuck size of 6.5” and ability to grab larger cut to length tube from the inside allows the SpaceGear 510MkII to be a great source for low to medium volume tube laser work.   In all, six axis of continuous CNC control will allow for cut weld preps, angled features and much more in a single setup.  No three axis laser can match the flexibility and throughput.  

Backed with SpaceGear CAM  & Sigma Nest the SpaceGear has nearly unlimited versatility in programming.  This package offers automatic pDescription: http://www.johnhartlasers.com.au/images/lasers/space-gear-rotary.jpgrogramming from the 3D CAD data, such as torch positioning, interference simulation and automatic fixture design.


ProcessCapability Range
 3D Laser MaterialsMild Steel up to 5/8”
 Stainless Steel up to 3/8”
 Aluminum up to ¼”
 Mild Steel tubing up to ½”
 Stainless tubing up to 3/8”
 Aluminum tubing up to ¼”
Bevel Cutting45deg max mild steel
 30 deg max stainless and aluminum
Axis StrokeA axis = 360 degree, B axis = 135 degree, C axis = 360 degree
 X axis = 131.3", Y axis = 60.82", Z axis 16.53"
Rapid TraverseX&Y axis = 945ipm, Z axis = 945ipm, C axis = 33.3ipm
Positioning AccuracyX&Y axis = +/- 0.05/500 mm (+/-0.002"/19.69")
 Z axis = +/-0.001/10 ????

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3D Laser
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