G3 Industries

G3 Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of custom wire forms, welded assemblies, precision machined components, fabricated tubes, precision turned components, 3D Laser, 2D Laser and stamped parts. G3 Industries is a rapidly growing privately held company that started in 1993 when Jim Frings bought Wire Maid Manufacturing. In February 2006 Wire Maid Manufacturing and RoBand Corporation merged to form G3 Industries, doubling the size of the company. We understand that our customers' success is our success, and we continue to seek opportunities to purchase equipment, hire skilled staff, acquire companies, enter into joint-ventures, and innovate to add value and reduce our customers' total cost of doing business.

G3 Industries at a Glance – Integrating Great Ideas

  • Manufacturers of Custom OEM Components and Assemblies
  • Fabrication Center of Excellence:
    • Kronenwetter WI (Wire Maid Manufacturing – Since 1971)
    • June 2006 Moved into a New State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Facility
  • Machining and Turning Center of Excellence
    • Kronenwetter, WI (RoBand Corporation – Since 1967)
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Quality Laboratory and Quality team covering all three shifts
  • Engineering teams specializing in facility processes and capabilities.
  • Prototype Design, Build & Test Facilities – 3D Printer
  • 95% of tooling produced In-House
  • Expert VA/VE & Cost-Out Designing Support
  • Advanced Applications Engineering

Core Products G3 Industries Manufactures:
Nine Suppliers in One

  • Wire forming Products (Cold Heading, CNC Bending, Threading, Drilling & Tapping, Welded
  • Guards)
  • CNC Machining Products (Horizontal and Vertical Machining)
  • CNC Turned Products (24 various lathes from simple quick turns, to 5 axis, twin spindle lathes with live tooling)
  • Dual Turret / Dual Spindle CNC Lathe
  • High Speed –state of the art, 3 station, bushing/spacer turning & machining center
  • Tube Bending and Fabrication Products (5 Axis CNC Bending, Piercing, Punching, End Treatments)
  • Welded Assemblies (Robotic Welding, Resistance Welding, MIG Welding, JIG Welding)
  • Short-Run Stamping Products (Tooled & Un-Tooled Stampings, CNC Press Brake)
  • 3D Laser Fabrications (Sheet, Tube, Pipe, & Structural Shapes, - Lights Out Operations)
  • 2D Laser Fabrications & Press Brake work (5x10’ Sheets, up to ¾” thick)
  • Value Added Assemblies (adding wire harness’, knobs, gaskets, labor and kitting)

If you would like to learn more about what G3 Industries can do for your company, please feel free to contact G3 Customer Service at 715-693-1450 or send your request for quotation to [email protected]. We look forward to talking with you in the very near future and learning more about your company.

Best Regards,

Jim Frings

Chairman & CEO

G3 Industries