Frequently Asked Questions

How will you work with me if I have an expedite requirement?
G3 has the capability to take on your most challenging and urgent request and work closely with our engineering, tooling and production teams to do whatever we can to meet your needs. In once recent example, G3 took on over 60 parts for a leading OEM in the outdoor power equipment industry. This customer needed our help due to a failed supplier. We were able to get them up and running successfully within just 6 weeks!

Does G3 manufacture their own tooling?
95% of all tooling used to manufacture parts at G3 are manufacture in house. G3's substantial and well-managed tool inventory can reduce or eliminate tooling expense for most parts.

Does G3 provide design & engineering services?
While G3 is primarily a job shop, we do provide guidance on improving designs to reduce costs while meeting basic fit, form and function requirements. Our applications engineers proactively seek opportunities for cost reduction and have save our customers tens of thousands of dollars in some instances. Go ahead and send us a professionally drafted print or a sketch on a napkin and we will work with your engineers to meet your design needs.

Is G3 ISO certified?
Yes, G3 is ISO 9001:2015 at our Corporate facility in Kronenwetter WI