Fan Guards

Fan Guards are the Christopher Columbus of G3 Industries since the business inception of WireMaid in 1973.    Whether you are commercial heating and air conditioner OEM with round fan guards from 2 feet to 6 feet in diameter or making Ice Cream machines using a 4” fan guard, G3 Industries is the company you should be working with.

Non Standard shapes to protect fingers from fan blades inside the engine compartments of bulldozers to tractors and lawn mowers is where G3 can assist and add value to your products and company.      The Tier 4 emission standards changed the inside of virtually every engine compartment but not the size and shape of the compartment.    That led to some very interesting fan guard designs to protect operators and end users from exposure to the fan.

Our Fan Guard Department is a proud, effective and very efficient team that will rise to any configuration challenge you can throw at them.     Try G3 Industries as a renewed efficient and automated domestic supplier of your fan guard products.


ProcessCapability Range
Resistance Welding.062" to .500" diameter wire

Resource List

Resistance Welders
  • (2) 100 KVA
  • (2) 200 KVA
  • (2) 50 KVA
  • (1) 250 KVA
  • (1) 150 KVA
  • 2 - Peer 10 KVA Butt Welders
  • 1- 30 KVA Rocker Welder (spot welder)
  • 1-Wafios Ring Winder – Wire range of .062 / .250, Min ring diameter 2”, Max ring Dia. 28”
  • 1-Wafios Ring Winder – Wire range of .062 / .250, Min ring diameter 2”, Max ring Dia. 52”
  • 1-Spiral Winder – Wire range of .062 / .212, Min spiral diameter 4””, Max Dia.30”