Tube Fabrications

Tube Fabrication continues to be an area of key expansion for G3 Industries.  Within our range of CNC tube bending (.250 to 2.50” round tube), we do most of work in the .625” to 1.00” diameter tube.    This sweet spot of .625” to 1.00” tube is where we maximize our rates and processes for the best cost and then also add value with secondary operations to flatten, pierce, flare, punch and dimple.     

  • Outside of cost effective processing on the CNC Tube Bender, G3 uniquely can offer potential cost savings.We can provide cost saving options by offering 5/8” diameter wire or ½” diameter wire options instead of ¾”or 1” diameter tube.Processing a less expensive material from coil instead of 20ft lengths of tube.Some applications can accept smaller diameter solid wire vs a larger diameter tube, other applications cannot.

Let us help you save money by reviewing your round tube components less the 2.5” diameter and square tube components less than 2” square.

Do not forget your odd ball tube components, as G3 can process larger diameter uniquely shape tube components on our 3D Laser!  Check out the pictures of several unique large tube fabrications under our Tube, 3D Laser and Weldment processes.


ProcessCapability Range
CNC Tube Bending

Round tube .250" to 2.50" diameter

Maximum wall thickness .120" at 2.50" diameter

Square tube 2.00" x 2.00"

Maximum wall thickness .120" at 2.00 x 2.00" Square

Piercing & PunchingAll sizes available, with or without deformation
End TreatmentsAll types available

Up to 3.125" @ 90 degrees. 

Up to 1.97" @ 45 degrees

Resource List

CNC Tube Benders
  • (1) YML CNC Tube Bender - 3" diameter round tube     2" square tube or 1.25" diameter solid rod
  • (1) YML Cold Saw with Tiger Stop
  • (1) Burr Master Deburring Machine - Brush