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Natural Gas Retrofitting for Green Engines

With more NGVs expected on the road and the economic benefits involved, PST Cylinders LLC in Kronenwetter, Wisconsin, is a great choice for natural gas retrofitting and efficient green engines. Original equipment manufacturers now offer a broad portfolio of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty natural gas-powered vehicles. Qualified retrofitters can install certified systems for the conversion of new or existing vehicles.

More Vehicles Each Day

There are over 50 different models of light-duty sedans, vans, and pick-ups already on the market. All major manufacturers and body-upfitters of refuse truck chassis, most builders of shuttle and transit buses, two of the top three builders of school buses, all major manufacturers of street sweepers, and top truck builders including Freightliner™, Kenworth™, and Peterbilt™ are now offering factory-produced natural gas options.

These manufacturers are expanding their natural gas research and development budgets to develop and certify new designs in anticipation of forthcoming specifications for natural gas engines. There is a wide variety of options for providing access to fueling stations, with schemes ranging from fleet owner-operation to full outsourcing and from fully-public to strictly private access.

Natural Gas Vehicles Emit Less Greenhouse Gases

NGV greenhouse gas emissions are 20%-29% lower, with heavy-duty vehicles offering reductions of 20%-23% and light-duty vehicles 26%-29%. This means a better environment for all of us.

Use of Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles Is Growing

The use of natural gas in vehicles almost doubled between 2003 and 2009, and has replaced the equivalent of 360 million gallons of diesel fuel. NGV transit buses account for 2/3 of natural gas use in vehicles. CNG and LNG-powered refuse collection and transfer vehicles account for roughly 11% of use and constitute the fastest-growing market segment.

More than 35 airports nationwide are now operating NGVs as part of their fleets, or have adopted policies encouraging privately contracted fleets on their premises to operate NGVs, accounting for 9% of total natural gas use in vehicles. Southern California’s successful clean port transportation initiative has stimulated other ports on both coasts to adopt similar programs.

NGV Fleets Are Ideally Suited to a Wide Variety of Applications:

  • Governments at the Local, State, & Federal Levels
  • Airports, including Terminal Shuttles for Business, Hotel & Parking; Taxis; Door-to-Door Transportation Providers
  • Refuse Collection, Transfer, & Recycling Vehicles
  • Mass Transit Buses, Vehicles for Administrative & Maintenance Functions
  • Short-Haul Delivery & Distribution of Food & Beverages, Package Delivery, Port-Rail Transfer, Laundry Services, & Print Media
  • Commercial Services Such as Utilities, Plumbing & HVAC, Pest Control, Cleaning Services, Medical & Laboratory Operations, & Legal Couriers

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Natural Gas Retrofitting for Green Engines
Natural Gas Retrofitting for Green Engines
Natural Gas Retrofitting for Green Engines
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