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Afford Fleet Fuel Conversion

PST Cylinders LLC in Kronenwetter, Wisconsin, ensures affordable, simple fleet fuel conversion with our high-quality cylinders. By converting to natural gas, you'll have an economical, low emission fleet of vehicles powered by our abundant supply of domestically-produced natural gas to keep you moving. You'll be backed by a diverse industry of networked companies dedicated to manufacturing and support fleets of natural gas vehicles.


Improvements in natural gas engines have led to increased performance while beating the EPA’s timetable for emission restrictions. There are currently nearly 14 million NGVs in use worldwide, with 110,000 of them in the United States. According to the International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles, more than 65 million NGVs will be in service worldwide in a decade, which is 9% of the world's transportation fleets.

In the United States, Natural Gas Already Powers:

  • More Than 11,000 Transit Buses
  • Almost 4,000 Waste Collection Trucks, with California at the Leading Edge of Adoption
  • More Than 3,000 School Buses
  • Roughly 15-17,000 Vehicles in Medium-Duty Applications, including Airport Shuttles & Various Utility Functions
  • More Than 30,000 Light-Duty Vehicles Serving the Fleets of Federal, State, & Local Governments

Lower Lifecycle Costs

The low price of domestic natural gas means significant savings on fuel costs after your fleet conversion. Historically, the ration between the price of MCF of natural gas and a barrel of oil was 7 to 1, it has recently ranges between 17 and 22 to 1, with an energy equivalence of roughly 6 MCF to a barrel. This price difference is expected to persist and widen as America continues to tap into its abundant domestic gas supplies.

The cost of maintaining natural gas vehicles is the same or lower than of gasoline and diesel vehicles. Additionally, the favorable economic profile of NGVs is supplemented by a variety of federal and state tax credits. The vehicles are also quieter, with 80%-90% lower decibel levels compared to comparable diesel vehicles.

Afford Fleet Fuel Conversion
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